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Breaking Barriers.

We leverage a vast network of industry connections to give you access to high profile unicorns and niche industry-shakers. Our growth focused strategies identify promising businesses in growing markets that haven’t yet gone public. High Circle will put a whole new market at your fingertips.


Connecting shareholders to exit opportunities.

High Circle provides liquidity opportunities for VC Firms, angel investors, employees, founders, and other shareholders. We enable enterprises to retain the best employees and align the shareholders for long-term success. Our experience and network enable us to move through the process quickly, from evaluations to legal documents and finalizing the deal.

Hedge Funds

Bridge the gap between institutions and individuals.

Power your portfolio with the sustainable, long-term value that hedge funds seek to deliver. Diversify your investments with professionally managed investment strategies. Our process allows individuals to invest in hedge funds with significantly reduced minimums. Coming Soon...

Partnering with

We partner with visionaries and game changers who are catalysts of change worldwide.

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The High
Circle Edge

Lower Fees

An extensive network and pristine reputation enable us to offer the lowest carry fees in the industry. Easily diversify your portfolio, and hedge your holdings against localized and macro volatility.

Hedge Your Risk

Profit from what institutional investors have always known: the greatest value is generated by private markets. We provide eligible investors access to opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be available to them.

Honesty And Integrity

Honesty and integrity are at the core of every interaction we have. It's the only way any relationship can work. When you work with High Circle, you join the family.

The Long Run

Our team has decades of experience and keeps patience, courage, and conviction at the heart of every decision. We always choose the long-term over the short-term: ultimately that’s what yields the best results for everyone.

Nasdaq Private Market Member

Our Firm is part of the Nasdaq Private Market which gives us access to deals and partnerships that are not open to the public. Joining High Circle gives you access to our exclusive network full of exclusive investment options.

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